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We love to reward our patients for keeping their smiles healthy! At your next appointment, be sure to ask our front desk staff about upcoming contests and the cool prizes you can win.


Our next t-shirt contest runs through April 20th. The winner will receive a $10 gift card to Chik fil a.

Contest Winners 2017

February t-shirt contest winners announced!

Congratulations to our recent winners!
Ava C. from Chapel Hill was awarded a $10 iTunes gift card. 
Leslie B. from Pittsboro was awarded a $10 Amazon gift card.


 Vintage Toys contest winners announced!

Congratulations to our recent winners!
 Matthew T. from our Pittsboro Office!
Isabella D. from our Chapel Hill Office!

They both received a $40 gift certificate to Toys R Us.

Around the World Trivia contest winners announced!

Congratulations to our recent winners!
Seb H. from our Chapel Hill office

Michael M. from our Pittsboro office

They both received a $25 Amazon gift card!



Contest Winners 2014

Winners of our Brain Teaser contest and Family Packs of tickets to the Museum of Life and Science:

  • Zuling Q
  • Austin B
  • Kaitlyn B
  • Tanley S

Congratulations to our winners!

Our February t-shirt drawing winners are:

  • Colin M in Chapel Hill
  • Addie D in Pittsboro

Both winners received $10 i-Tunes gift cards.  Congratulations!

Remember to wear you t-shirt to your appointment to be entered to win.

Congratulations to the winners of our Logo Contest!  Each winner received a $25 gift card.

  • Tait R. in Chapel Hill, who received a $25 gift card to Monterey Mexican Restaurant
  • Tyler K. in Pittsboro, who received a $25 gift card to San Felipe Mexican Restaurant


Contest Winners 2013


Congratulations to the winners of the following contests:

November T-shirt contest and winners of iTunes gift cards:

  • Maddie K in Chapel Hill
  • Ethan W in Pittsboro

Constellation Contest and winners of family 5-pack of tickets to the Morehead Planetarium:

  • Makayla G. in Pittsboro
  • Drew G. in Chapel Hill

Halloween Candy Corn Counting Contest and winners of Chik-fil-A gift cards:

  • Evan O. in Chapel Hill
  • Kadie S. in Pittsboro



Congratulations to the winners of our Summer Photo Contest!


  • Albert G.
  • Zuling Q.
  • Bryce T.
  • C.J.


  • Nicole V
  • Tanley S.
  • Kelson S.
  • Sara A.
  • Warren and Manny C.

Thanks to everyone who entered.  We enjoyed seeing all the wonderful photos and great smiles.


Congratulations to our August t-shirt drawing winners"

  • Iris N. in Chapel Hill
  • Will O. in Pittsboro

The winners received a $10 i-Tunes gift card!  Wear your Dr. Severt t-shirt to your appointments to be entered!


Congratulations to our Hamburger Contest Winners and recipients of Red Robin Gift Cards:

  • Holden S in Chapel Hill
  • Rachel S in Pittsboro

June T-shirt Contest Winners:

Lauren W. in Chapel Hill

Fletcher G. in Pittsboro

Both winners received a $10 i-Tunes gift card.

Congratulations to our Father's Day Contest Winners!

  • Edward S. in Chapel Hill (Matthew's dad)
  • Jonathan B. in Chapel Hill (Harrison and Rachel's dad)
  • Darrell P. In Pittsboro (Tristan and Cassilyn's dad)
  • Ray S. in Pittsboro (Bailey's dad)

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads!

Congratulations to our Movie Contest winners!

  • Anthony R. in Pittsboro
  • Grant H. in Chapel Hill

Congratulations to the winners of our Mother's Day Drawing!

  • Melissa S.
  • Lisa R.
  • Jennifer S.
  • Stephanie S.

Each lucky mother received a gift certificate for a one-hour massage session!  We appreciate all our wonderful mothers.

Congratulations to our April T-shirt contest winners:

  • C.J. in Chapel Hill
  • Crystal O. in Pittsboro

The winners received Target gift cards!  Be sure to wear your Dr. Severt T-shirt to all your appointments to be eligible to win.


Congratulations to our Health Quiz winners, who received a backpack, exercise ball, water bottle, and clip on weather predictor/altimeter:


  • Zach A. in Chapel Hill
  • Savannah L. in Pittsboro

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Congratulations to our February T-shirt contest winners, who received gift cards to Barnes and Noble:

Brandon H. in Chapel Hill

Cameron K. in Pittsboro

Wear your t-shirt to your appointment to be entered in our next drawing!



Congratulations to the winners of our "Snowball" contest!  They were to closest to figuring out how many cotton balls were in the jar:

Ben T. in Chapel Hill guessed 232 and there were 244

Sawyer S. in Pittsboro guessed 150 and there were 166

Great job!

Congratulations to our North Carolina Trivia Contest and winners of 4 tickets to the North Carolina Zoo:

Natalie O. in Chapel Hill

Courtney M. in Pittsboro


Congratulations to our November t-shirt contest winners:

Jaydon T. in Chapel Hill

Julianna S. in Pittsboro



Congratulations to all our Halloween Party Winners:


GRAND PRIZE (Kindle Fire Tablet!):  Annie J.


Door Prize Winners:

Tanley S.

Martha W.

Sophie R.

Stephanie P.

Costume Winners:

Most Original:  Martha W. and Mia B.

Cutest:  Allie M.

Scariest:  Kennedy F.

Game Winners:

Hula Hoop Contest:  Andrew G., Sayali, and Cole

Pass the Pumpkin:  Daniel A. and Georgia

















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